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Lexington Eye Associates won a Family Favorites Award for 2013 from Boston Parents Paper

Created on: Monday, August 05, 2013
Author: Lexington Eye Associates Inc.

Tags: family favorites award, boston parents paper, lexington eye associates

Lexington Eye Associates was the recipient of a Family Favorites Award for 2013 from Boston Parents Paper.

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Lexington Eye Associates First on the East Coast!

Created on: Friday, May 03, 2013
Author: Lexington Eye Associates Inc.

Tags: corneal imaging technology, lasik, prk, laser vision correction, lexington eye associates

Lexington Eye Associates is the first ophthalmology practice on the East Coast, and only the second in the country, to invest in the latest model for advanced corneal imaging.

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Congratulations to Dale Arnold of WEEI, sports radio network!

Created on: Monday, April 01, 2013
Author: Lexington Eye Associates Inc.

Tags: dale arnold, weei, dr, jeremy kieval, lasik surgery, lexington eye associates

Congratulations to Dale Arnold, talk show host on WEEI, and the only person to ever do play-by-play for all five Boston professional teams (Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and Revolution). Dale recently chose Dr. Jeremy Kieval of Lexington Eye Associates to perform his LASIK surgery and has now achieved 20/15 vision in both eyes!

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What to expect for your child’s first eye exam

Created on: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Author: O`Ine McCabe, M.D.

Tags: eye, exam, child, pediatric, blurry, vision, mccabe, school, nurse

What to expect for your child’s first eye exam and how to prepare yourself and your child for a positive experience.

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Advances in Cataract Surgery Technology

Created on: Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Author: Jeremy Kieval, M.D.

Tags: femtosecond, cataract, surgery, iols, laser, vision, relacs,

Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most commonly performed surgeries in the United States. The landscape of cataract surgery would change dramatically, paving the way for a minimally invasive procedure with a considerable reduction in risk, and the potential for rapid visual recovery.

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Cataract Surgery and Intraocular lenses

Created on: Thursday, November 15, 2012
Author: Matthew D. Lazzara, M.D.

Tags: cataract, iol, intraocular, lenses, phaco, ridley

Cataract Surgery and Intraocular lenses Cataract surgery is now one of the most commonly preformed surgeries in the United States. The history of cataract surgery dates back many millennia, a period over which the technique has fortunately evolved from quite literally barbaric to arguably the mo...

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When should your child's eyes be examined and what are common eye disorders in children?

Created on: Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Author: William Boger, III, M.D.

Tags: eye, children, infant, pediatrician, strabismus

Crucial information about the eyes and visual development can be obtained in the newborn period as well as throughout childhood. Therefore, your pediatrician will examine your child's eyes just after birth and regularly at well-child visits. If the pediatrician notices any abnormalities, your child will be referred to an ophthalmologist.

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The Proper Choice in Sunglasses

Created on: Thursday, October 11, 2012
Author: Paul Vinger, M.D.

Tags: sunlight, suglasses, eye injury, snow burn, ultraviolet light, protection

Here are some suggestion and warning about choosing the right sunglasses.

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5 “Must Knows” when considering cosmetic procedures

Created on: Thursday, September 20, 2012
Author: Li-Wei Lin, M.D.

Tags: li wei lin, oculoplastics, cosmetic, procedure

Dr. Li-Wei Lin of Lexington Eye offers insight by giving you the five things you should consider before having a cosmetic procedure.

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A Healthy Diet Equals Healthy Vision, Here Are Some Tips to Improve Your Summer Snacking

Created on: Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Author: Ann Burnham, M.D.

Tags: healthy, diet, food, improve, vision, eyesight, nutrients, eating, habits, lexington eye

If you want to improve your vision, you had better start with your diet because healthy vision starts with healthy eating habits. Fruits, vegetables, and fish make for healthy, light, delicious meals and snacks during the warm summer months and contain nutrients and powerful antioxidants that are essential to healthy eyes.

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